5 Best Place to Sell Fishing Gear {Fast & Max Profits}

In the vast world of angling, fishing gear holds a place of paramount importance. Every angler, from the seasoned pro to the weekend hobbyist, understands the value of quality equipment.

But as collections grow and newer models emerge, many find themselves with gear collecting dust. The trend of selling and buying used fishing gear has seen a significant rise, offering both economic and environmental benefits.

Dive into this comprehensive guide to discover the best place to sell fishing gear.

Top 5 best Platforms to Sell Fishing Gear

The internet is brimming with platforms to sell items. But when it comes to fishing gear, specificity matters.

Here’s a deep dive into the best place to sell fishing gear:

1) eBay

A global giant, eBay connects sellers with buyers worldwide. Its vast user base ensures your fishing gear gets maximum visibility.

Steps to List:

  1. Create or log in to your eBay account.
  2. Click on ‘Sell’ and describe your item in detail.
  3. Upload clear photos from various angles.
  4. Set a price, either fixed or auction-style.
  5. Choose shipping options and publish your listing.

Selling Tips:

Use bolded keywords in your description, offer bundle deals, and ensure timely communication with potential buyers. Remember, customer reviews play a pivotal role on eBay, so always strive for positive feedback.

2) Craigslist

Craigslist to sell fishing gear

A local selling giant, Craigslist is perfect for those who prefer face-to-face transactions. Its simplicity and local reach make it a favorite among many.

Listing Tips:

Always include clear photos, set a competitive price, and be wary of scams. Meet buyers in public places and opt for cash transactions. Remember to renew your listing periodically to keep it at the top.

To know more about sell fishing gear on Craigslist, you can check their detail guide.

3) Facebook Marketplace and Groups

Facebook Marketplace and Groups to sell fishing gear

Facebook isn’t just for social connections. Its Marketplace and specialized fishing groups offer a unique platform for selling, combining the power of social media with commerce.

Here are some Facebook groups that you can join to sell your fishing gear in the USA:

How to List:

  • Navigate to ‘Marketplace’ on Facebook.
  • Click on ‘Sell Something’ and choose ‘Item for Sale’.
  • Enter the details, price, and photos of your fishing gear.
  • Publish and wait for potential buyers to contact you.

4) Dangler

A niche platform based in the UK, Dangler caters exclusively to fishing enthusiasts. Its specialized nature ensures your listings reach the right audience.

Listing Process:

Create an account, list your items with photos and descriptions, and set your price. With Dangler’s community of anglers, your gear gets the right visibility.

5) Fishing Exchange

 Fishing Exchange to sell fishing gear

Founded in 2016 by Stuart Whitaker, Fishing Exchange emerged from the need for a dedicated platform for anglers. It offers a specialized experience, ensuring that users can quickly find or list the fishing gear they’re interested in.

Unique Selling Points:

Unlike broader platforms, Fishing Exchange is solely for fishing enthusiasts. It’s easy to navigate, free to list, and offers a more affordable sales fee compared to some other platforms.

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Why Do People Buy Used Fishing Gear?

To sell effectively, understanding the buyer’s mindset is crucial.

Here’s a deeper look into why anglers opt for used gear:

  • Cost Savings: Brand-new, high-quality gear can be expensive. Buying used offers significant savings without compromising too much on quality.
  • Vintage Collections: For some, fishing is not just a hobby but a passion. Collectors often seek vintage or discontinued items to complete or enhance their collections.
  • Beginner-Friendly: New anglers often prefer starting with used gear. It allows them to experiment and learn without a hefty initial investment.
  • Eco-Conscious Choices: In an era of conscious consumerism, buying used is an environmentally friendly choice, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

Why Consider Selling Your Fishing Gear?

Fishing Gear

Every piece of fishing gear, from rods and reels to lures and lines, carries memories of trips, catches, and experiences. But as time progresses, some gear might no longer serve your needs.

Here’s why selling them is a brilliant idea:

Cost-Effectiveness: Fishing gear, especially premium brands, can be pricey. By selling items you no longer use, you can recoup some of your initial investments, paving the way for newer acquisitions.

Environmental Benefits: Our planet is grappling with waste. Selling used items promotes a culture of reuse, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Decluttering: Over the years, gear can accumulate. Selling items you no longer use can help declutter your storage areas, giving you a clearer space and mind.

Extra Income: Whether you’re saving for a dream fishing trip or a new piece of equipment, selling unused gear can provide a financial boost.

Precautions When Selling Fishing Gear

The online marketplace, while convenient, requires caution.

Here are expanded tips to ensure safe and effective transactions:

Safe Meet-Ups: Always choose public places for in-person transactions. Inform a friend or family member of your whereabouts, and if possible, have someone accompany you.

Secure Payments: Opt for trusted payment gateways. Avoid wire transfers or checks, as they can be prone to fraud.

Avoid Scams: Be wary of buyers who offer more than the asking price or those who have overly complicated requests. Trust your instincts.


Now you know the best place to sell fishing gear. The world of fishing is vast and ever-evolving. As newer technologies and gear emerge, there’s always a market for used items. Selling used fishing gear is not just about making extra cash; it’s about sustainability, smart choices, and being part of a community that values quality and history.

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