How to properly store fishing rods in 4 Easy Steps (DIY method)

Are you looking for a proper way to store your fishing rod? If so, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

How to properly store fishing rod

There are so many ways to store a fishing rod, but in this guide, I’ll give you the most simple and easy ways to properly store fishing rods, including what you need and how you can do it.

As an angler, I understand the importance of properly storing fishing equipment for long-term use.

So, I’ve decided to share the best ways to store a fishing rod, which is one of the main pieces of equipment needed for fishing.

Easiest Way to store fishing rod

Ever scratched your head over how to store your precious fishing rods? Well, worry no more!

I’ve got a super easy, DIY method that won’t break the bank. Plus, you might already have most of the stuff you need lying around your garage.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A leftover 2×4 piece of wood (Yep, that one collecting dust in the corner)
  2. 1.5-inch paddle bit (for your drill)
  3. Couple of screws (the sturdier, the better)
  4. A drill (you’ve got one of these, right?)
  5. A knife (any old one will do)
  6. Pool noodle (bet you didn’t see that coming!)

Alright, let’s get to it:

Setp1: Making the Base

Grab that 2×4 and your paddle bit. We’re gonna drill some holes about halfway deep into the wood. These will be the cozy little seats for your rods.

Step2: Noodle Time

Now, take that pool noodle and cut it to match the length of your 2×4. This is gonna be the cushy holder for your rods.

Step3: Mount Up

Time to secure that 2×4 (with the pool noodle) to your wall. Make sure it’s nice and sturdy. We don’t want any fishing disasters, do we?

Step4: Slice and Dice

Last step! Take your knife and cut some vertical slices in the pool noodle where you want your rods to chill. Make sure they’re deep enough to hold your rods snugly, but not so deep that the rods are rubbing against the 2×4.

And voila! You’ve got yourself a super easy, super cheap, and super effective fishing rod storage system. No more tripping over rods in the garage!

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