Best tonneau cover fishing rod holder

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Tonneau cover fishing rod holders are a game-changer for anglers who love their trucks as much as their fishing adventures. Gone are the days when juggling between keeping your fishing rods safe and using your truck bed efficiently was a concern.

The modern-day tonneau cover rod holder not only secures your fishing gear but also enhances the aesthetic and functionality of your vehicle.

For those who are keen to maximize space while ensuring their fishing rods are held in place without any damage, these accessories are a must-have.

Dive in as we unravel the 3 best tonneau cover fishing pole holders in the market, ensuring you’re always ready for that spontaneous fishing trip, without compromising on style or utility.

tonneau cover fishing rod holder

Top 3 Best tonneau cover fishing rod holder

  1. Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod Holder
  2. WITHFAB Fishing Rod Holders for Car, SUVs, Wagons, Van
  3. Portarod Inshore Fishing Rod Holder for Truck Bed

1) Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod Holder

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The Rhino-Rack 574 Ski Carrier is not just a ski carrier; it’s a versatile solution for those who love outdoor adventures. With its universal fit for most crossbars, this product ensures a secure and snug fit for your equipment.

The key locking mechanism provides an added layer of security, ensuring that your gear remains safe during transit. One of the standout features is the rubber grip profile, which offers protection for your boards and prevents any potential damage.

Moreover, the carrier’s UV protection ensures that it remains in top condition even after prolonged exposure to the sun. But what truly sets this product apart is its dual functionality.

Not only is it perfect for winter sports enthusiasts, but it also doubles as a fishing rod holder during the warmer months. This makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoy both skiing and fishing.

Several customers have vouched for its efficiency. One user mentioned how they carried four rods through multiple states without any issues, highlighting the product’s reliability. Another user praised its easy installation and durability, emphasizing its value for money.

However, while many users found it easy to install, some mentioned that the lower mounts made of plastic can be brittle, especially in cold conditions. It’s essential to handle them with care during installation and removal.

2) WITHFAB Fishing Rod Holders for Car, SUVs, Wagons, Van

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The WITHFAB fishing rod holder is another good rod holder that needs those who own vehicles with tonneau covers.

Its high-quality nylon construction ensures durability and resistance against wear and tear. The adjustable design is versatile, accommodating cars, SUVs, trucks, and most vehicles. With the capacity to hold up to three fishing rods securely, it eliminates concerns about damaged rod tips or entangled lines.

The installation process is user-friendly, making it a hassle-free addition to your fishing trips. Its compact design ensures that it doesn’t interfere with the functionality of tonneau covers, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize both utility and aesthetics.

Given the positive reviews and its thoughtful design, the WITHFAB fishing rod holder is undoubtedly one of the best options available for vehicles with tonneau covers.

3) Portarod Inshore Fishing Rod Holder for Truck Bed

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The Portarod Inshore Fishing Rod Holder is an exceptional product for avid anglers. Its versatility allows it to fit almost any truck bed, eliminating the need for any drilling or bolts.

The adjustable angle of the rods and the ratcheting support bar ensures that the rods are securely in place during transport. Made of durable aluminum, this rod holder promises longevity and resistance against the elements.

The product’s ability to fit below folding tonneau covers adds to its appeal, making it a top choice for those who prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

While some users have pointed out minor issues, such as the rods spinning, these can be easily addressed with simple solutions like using a bungee cord.

Overall, the Portarod Inshore Fishing Rod Holder stands out as the best tonneau cover fishing rod holder in the market, offering both convenience and security for fishing enthusiasts.


Choosing the right tonneau cover fishing rod holder is crucial for anglers who want to secure their rods safely while maximizing the use of their truck bed.

Throughout our list, we’ve highlighted some of the best options in the market. Whether you’re keen on a subtle design or looking for a more advanced mechanism, there’s something for everyone.

A tonneau cover rod holder not only ensures your fishing gear is well-organized but also provides ease of access when that urge to fish suddenly strikes. As with any accessory, always prioritize durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with your truck model.

Always remember that a good tonneau cover fishing pole holder should always protect your rods from damage, the elements, and theft.


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